It’s not White guilt….it’s something else

When they get to know me and discover my interest in American Indians, many people arrive at the conclusion that I have something called white guilt. I say no. Here’s why: Guilt implies something you should do, but don’t. Since when are we taught we should do anything where American Indians are concerned?

Disclosure: I’m not Indian. I don’t hold romantic fantasies about having a long-lost Cherokee grandmother who wears feathers and talks to animals.

I’m not a proud advocate; I’m a humbled one. Humbled because of the genocide this population has survived. And continues to survive.

I’m not equal, and will never fully understand their collective pain, because I didn’t experience it.

I can’t undo it.

I can reach forward. I can listen. And draw awareness. Educate. Advocate for a better life.

Serious things are missing from history texts.